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What is LSVT BIG Program?

LSVT Big is a highly effective research based physical therapy treatment program targeted at helping individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease reclaim their ability to move and improve their quality of life.

LVST BIG helps to improve an individual’s movement through intense and repetitive exercise. LVST Big works to train the body to move differently but more importantly it trains the mind to think differently about movement. This treatment program teaches participants to increase the amplitude of their movement, or more simply -teaches them to move BIG!

Every LVST BIG program is individualized to address each participants’ unique needs and goals. Parkinson’s disease affects everyone differently and your medical care should reflect that too??

LVST BIG outcomes: The treatment impact of LVST Big is body wide. Participants experience improvements in many of the following areas:

  • Improved walking
  • Improved balance and reduced fall risk
  • Improved movement size and speed
  • Improved activities of daily living such a dressing, eating, rising from a chair, getting out of bed, handwriting, etc
  • Improved posture

LVST Big addresses the non-physical symptoms of Parkinson’s disease such a depression and changes in cognition.

What to expect at the initial visit:

During your initial visit, you will be assessed by one of our skilled physical therapists in a private treatment room where you can openly discuss how Parkinson’s disease has impacted your life. Your physical therapist will ask you detailed questions about your Parkinson’s disease history and symptoms. After discussing your medical history, your physical therapist will conduct a comprehensive evaluation.

During this visit, your Body Rebuilders LVST BIG certified physical therapist will collaboratively discuss your goals and create an LSVT BIG treatment plan specifically tailored to you. You will leave your initial evaluation with a greater understanding of your condition and how LSVT Big will help to address your Parkinson’s disease symptoms.

The LVST BIG treatment program:

LSVT Big treatment program consists of 16 treatment sessions, 4 consecutive treatment sessions a week for 4 weeks. The treatment program is adapted to each individual’s current level of fitness and is specifically targeted to address your personal symptoms and goals.

Due to the progressive nature of Parkinson’s disease, individuals may find that their symptoms change over time. Body Rebuilders is committed to supporting you throughout your healthcare journey. After you complete your LSVT Big program, Body Rebuilders will work with out to develop a wellness program to keep you thinking and moving BIG.

Body Rebuilders is looking forward to helping you pursue a lift unrestricted by Parkinson’s disease. If you have any questions concerning the LVST Big program please feel free to contact our office.

Let's start rebuilding, with a trusted approach to treatment.