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Neuro-Ability Program

Treatment of neurologic disorders requires a team approach. At Body Rebuilders, we believe that the primary focus of treatment must be maximizing your function regardless of the diagnosis or prognosis.

Research shows that patients who take a proactive approach in the management of their disease have the best outcomes. These patients will also have the highest quality of life. Routine checkups with your physician are extremely important in order to determine if the medical management of your disease process is optimized. Sometimes disease progression or regression cannot be measured by medical tests alone. It is the physical therapist’s role to measure your change in functional ability. That is why Body Rebuilders Physical Therapy, working as part of a multidisciplinary team, has developed the Neuro-Ability program.

The Neuro-Ability program was designed to make sure every patient with a neurologic condition has the opportunity to maximize their function and ability for as long as possible.  The process starts with a comprehensive baseline assessment of each individuals’ function. This includes an extensive analysis of your balance, coordination, gait, strength, and flexibility. NeuroCom technology with high tech force plates are used to assist in getting the most accurate information possible. Force plates measure how much your body sways in all directions.  They can accurately predict which direction falls may occur. Once baseline measurements are obtained, patients are asked to return once or twice a year as able to compare their results to the baseline measurements. This allows us to determine if a regression in function has occurred.

If testing identifies a change in your function, communication between the therapist and physician will take place. In many circumstances, a brief course of physical therapy may be advocated in order to get you back on track.

If you are referred to physical therapy, the physical therapists at Body Rebuilders would be responsible for:

  • Evaluating your strength
  • Evaluating your balance and coordination
  • Establishing a treatment plan
  • Implementing a home exercises program
  • Modifying your existing exercise plan
  • Progressing or initiating a program to help prevent falls
  • Teaching energy conservation techniques
  • Assisting in wheelchair management
  • Issuing a proper assistive device to help with walking as needed

Once patients have been able to maximize their potential and are independent in their program, close follow and monitoring is crucial in order to help maintain the gains that have been realized. Reassessing once or twice a year as able helps to ensure that we are maximizing your care every step of the way.

Our goal is to give power back to the patient and focus on ABILITY, not disability.  Everyone has the opportunity to maximize their function!

Let's start rebuilding, with a trusted approach to treatment.