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Multiple Sclerosis

Treatment of MS is extremely important to us at Body Rebuilders. Maybe that is because one of our owners, Andrew Lesher, has been managing his symptoms associated with MS for over 20 years. Obviously his experiences help provide a special understanding of what it is like to live with MS. It is our hope that by paying close attention and listening differently to our patients, we may be able to help achieve better outcomes with our patients. MS is a chronic demyelinating disease mediated by an aberrant auto immune response in which the insulating covering of the nerves called myelin get “attacked” and become damaged. This prevents the nerves from carrying information as rapidly as unaffected nerves, causing a variety of symptoms. There are four different disease courses have been associated with MS, each associated with varying levels of disability. The four categories are as follows: clinical isolated syndrome, relapsing remitting, primary-progressive, and secondary-progressive. Rather than focusing on what category patients fit into, or how many plaques patients have, Body Rebuilders prefers to focus on each individuals primary functional deficits and more importantly, how they are managing them on a day to day basis. Patients with MS report several common dysfunctions that vastly affect their reported quality of life. Some of these dysfunctions include:
  • Changes in Gait and Mobility
  • Muscle weakness
  • Balance deficits
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Spasticity
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Bowel and Bladder dysfunction
The most common dysfunction causing reductions in quality of life are mobility concerns. Limitations in mobility are reported by 90% of patients with MS. Mobility issues are the biggest reasons patients with MS are required to leave the workplace. Mobility concerns also include fear of falling. Fear of falling can also lead to decreased physical activity, which can reduce strength, endurance, and range of motion. This can increase the risk of falling, which may lead to additional increases in medical costs, social isolation, and depression. Physical therapy can be an extremely important tool for patients with MS. That is why we started the neuro-ability program. Our goal is to identify dysfunction before it contributes to disability and help maximize function every step of the way. Treatment at Body Rebuilders starts with an extensive evaluation to help identify each individual’s functional ability. Standardized tests are performed over several days to try to identify every aspect of function that we can realistically understand. No matter your ability, the physical therapists at Body Rebuilders will be responsible for:
  • Evaluating your strength
  • Evaluating your balance and coordination
  • Establishing a treatment plan
  • Implementing a home exercises program
  • Modifying your existing exercise plan
  • Progressing or initiating a program to help prevent falls
  • Teaching energy conservation techniques
  • Assisting in wheelchair management
  • Issuing a proper assistive device to help with walking as needed
It is our goal to maximize patient function no matter how high or low their function may be. The neuro-ability program allows us to follow up with patients to ensure that there has not been a regression of their function once improvement has been made. It also allows us to potentially identify new areas of concern and hopefully allow us to maximize your care every step of the way. Our goal is to give power back to the patient and focus on ABILITY, not disability. Everyone has the opportunity to maximize their function! Feel free to contact us with questions!
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